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UPS Meters

1 Ph UPS, 3 Ph UPS, Battery Chargers, Stabilisers

OEM Meters

DC Energy Meter

Measure, Record, Store data  ; DC   V, A, W, kWhr,    DC Ah

Meters for Telecom Towers & Solar

Digital Panel Meters

ACV, ACA, Freq, VAF 1 phase, 3 Phase, DCV, DCA, DCW       

Meters for Electrical Panel, DG Sets, AMFC

DC CT ( Current Transducers )

 HALL EFFECT DC Current Sensing also with 485 port

Telecom Towers , Solar & DC Applications

Solar / Wind Energy Applications

 Data Logger,  Transducer, Energy Meter

OEM Meters

Telecom / Tower Applications

 IPM Tester, DC Energy Meter,  DC CT, Aviation Light Monitor

OEM Instruments

Data Loggers & Converters

RS232 - RS485, 4-20mA, 0-5V; Data Loggers

Telecom Towers , Solar & UPS Applications

Control Panel Relays

LVM- Digital, Line Freq Monitor,

Control and Monitoring Applications

Regulated DC Power Supplies

Linear, SMPS, Hybrid in Fixed Voltage & Variable Output

Bench-top, OEM, Panel Mounting

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